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360 Advisor

360 Advisor is the award winning CRM system, designed for financial advisers. With a proven track record of efficient client management and appointment tracking, advisers will have the ability to create new opportunities and build on existing ones to further strengthen the relationship with clients.

A unique feature that offers a focused window into the client bank. Manage all leads and opportunities from here, allowing you to schedule events for your convenience with the diary system. This creates seamless and easily accessible sales.

Automatic reminders and opportunities can be generated towards the end of clawback periods and product review dates to allow advisers to efficiently keep track of clients' business.

In addition, the ‘Hotbox’ allows the adviser to postpone, amend, refer or transfer the opportunities.

The multifunctional diary enables you to schedule and block out your day as needed, be it client appointments, meetings or simply a reminder.

Any diary is easily shareable to allow administrative accessibility, so that events and appointments can be monitored and easily amended if needed.

In addition, our external diary syncing allows you to sync your Advisor diary and easily integrate it with other diary systems such as Outlook and smartphones.

The main hub of information, where the client’s documents, portfolio, and policy information are stored. From here you can manage everything client-related.

Save relevant case documents (such as Word Documents, PDFs, images, etc) and client information in customisable folders and access any file quick and easy with the file search feature.

Create annual reviews and produce a professional-looking client portfolio report within seconds.

Client Portal

Offers you and your clients a digital financial portfolio, providing an easily accessible space where documents and correspondence can be exchanged, securely viewed, stored and maintained.

  • 360’s Client Portal gives you the ability to create personalised actions so documents and tasks can be exchanged between the adviser and client.
  • Accessible from anywhere around the globe on any internet enabled device, smart phone or tablet.
  • Employing the same strength of security used by online retailers and banking institutions; both advisers and clients can rest assured that sensitive documents and information is stored securely.

360 FactFind

360 Lifecycle offers a full end to end client FactFind solution to advisers, making the process of getting client information smoother than ever. Alongside this, there is also the ability to find the exact policy you and the client are looking for with integrated Mortgage, Protection and GI sourcing.

360 Lifecycle’s FactFind works alongside Advisor and Office to keep track of all leads and transfer them seamlessly from opportunity to sale – allowing you and clients to work together.

  • Mortgage, protection and GI sourcing  is available via 360 Lifecycle’s integrations with leading providers.
  • The client is able to complete the FactFind at their leisure using the client focused view, this helps to make the process easier and more efficient.
  • Important information entered onto the FactFind is saved to the clients portfolio. This data is accessible on 360 Advisor, it is shown on the clients personal page and also carries through to any future sales made.
  • The ability to add notes and documents effortlessly throughout the FactFind process which can be accessed when required.
  • The budget planner provides the ability to work out exactly what the client can afford.
  • Create personalised recommendation reports, pulling through specific paragraphs when certain policy factors are met.

360 Office

Part of the award winning 360 Lifecycle suite, 360 Office is the result of 15 years of focused development and refinement to provide holistic solutions to the Financial Services sector.

360 Office addresses the challenges faced by financial intermediaries creating tools that allow principals, managers and administrators to support their forward-facing activities and managed their back-office operations.

Admin Tools

  • Full access to administer the 360 experience for advisers, negotiators, introducers and administrators.
  • Client Segmentation – Organise opportunities and sales on a large scale
  • Admin pipeline – Track all admin tasks and events
  • Workflow Configuration – Schedule tasks for post-sale administration

Campaign Manager

  • Campaign Manager allows a variety of direct marketing materials to be generated and transmitted, such as email and SMS Text, or through traditional means such as mail.
  • Query your client bank to create targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Have the ability to create bespoke email and letter templates to send out and engage with your client base.

Performance Explorer

  • Get live and instant performance data on opportunities, written and completed business for individuals, teams or the entire staff base through performance explorer.
  • Assign and monitor KPI’s to identify strengths and shortfalls in specific business areas.
  • Run reports on policies, providers and generated income which can then be exported as spreadsheets for auditing and records.

360 Accounts

You can easily administer commissions and organise payments made to the advisers and the company. You can view the entire process of a commission entered on the FactFind to a completed sale on 360 Office and Advisor. It can then be finalised as a payment to either the corresponding adviser or introducer/business partner.

If you would like to learn more about the 360 Accounts module, please contact your Account Manager or call our Support Team on 0116 2408621

  • Set up pay schemes to match employee, introducer and business partner rates.
  • View all commissions that have been paid or that are due in the form of pay statements.
  • Allow advisers access so that they can review the commission as it is marked off on the statement and control exactly what they have access to view.
  • You can set up bonus structures, regular adjustments and comprehensive payment rules for the accounts system to follow when calculating payments made so that 360 Accounts works exactly in line with your business processes.