Storage, Security and a Safe-Place

By 25 September 2019 No Comments

What is data security and why should you protect your data?

Data Security simply means to protect your data from unwanted actions like unauthorised users and from a cyber attack. It is important to take measures to protect your data so valuable files do not become corrupted. Damage to your data may vary but viruses can also affect your software. Safely storing your documents is highly overlooked but 360 Lifecycle can aid you in the retrieval, storage and processing of your personal data.

Why 360 Lifecycle?

360 Lifecycle’s portal is a secure repository for you to send and retrieve documentation, transmit actions and share messages. You can confidently upload and send personal data, for example your proof of income, three-month’s utility bills and evidence of residency. The seamless and timely transaction of document sharing ensures security with documents being fully-audited and stored in the cloud and on 360 case records. The process saves time for you with the elimination of unnecessary meetings and enabling you to fulfil actions in your own time.

In addition, the GDPR update has implemented greater scrutiny of the security, integrity and the accessibility of your data. This has created a safe-place to send, receive and access personal data.

Why is 360 Lifecycle so secure?

360’s core systems utilise Microsoft’s Cloud Based Platform, Azure. Microsoft has obligations to protect 360’s data security and privacy. Therefore, keeping your data safe. The following provides a demonstration of the depth of measures employed to keep your documentation safe:

  • Quarterly Penetration Tests by the NCC Group.
  • Annual ‘Manual’ penetration tests of 360 systems.
  • Mechanisms to detect and prevent DDOS attacks as well as best practice processes and measures.
  • All data is kept encrypted at rest and during transit, as recommended by the ICO paper on cloud computing.
  • Webservice API restricts data access through two API keys to restrict data to the integrator and AR.
  • Two factor authentication of clients with time limited invitations that automatically removes client data after expiry.

If you want to find out more please do not hesitate to book a free training webinar, or alternatively, please contact our support team, who are happy to help with any queries.