360 Dotnet: increase of written mortgages fuelling the market

By 2 February 2022 No Comments
Team - Ozgur

By Ozgur Unlu, CEO of 360 Dotnet

FinTech company, 360 Dotnet has facilitated over 215 billion pounds of lending through 360 Lifecycle since 2010. In 2021 they processed 37 billion of lending which is over 10% more than in 2020. This equates to 101 million every day as they helped their financial advice businesses secure money for their clients to purchase their home, remortgage or manage debt.

The buoyant market has benefited advisers and their clients due to the competitiveness of low interest rates and lender flexibility in the sector allowing them to write more mortgages. Advisers using 360 Lifecycle wrote 17,000 more mortgages last year than in 2020, totalling over 157,000.

There were more product transfers completed in 2021 than remortgages to other lenders. This helps if clients are looking to borrow more money using their home as security. A product transfer is beneficial as there is no need for a property valuation, less fees or none and there is no legal work involved.

Ozgur Unlu, CEO of 360 Dotnet said: “To see these figures grow even through a pandemic suggests the market is still strong as we have seen more lending than ever. There is also a desire to borrow more money to get a better rate as people refurbish their home. 360 Lifecycle has helped to fuel these figures by saving time, costs and increasing productivity.”

360 Lifecycle has created over 280,000 FactFinds in 2021, with the highest number being 80,000 in the second quarter of the year. Altogether we have created over 1 million FactFinds since 2015. We have created 140,000 mortgage reviews in 2021, equating to over 800,000 in total. 360’s FactFind helps advisers gather client information smoother than ever. Alongside this, there is the ability to find the exact policies with integrated mortgage, protection and GI sourcing.

Alike our FactFind numbers, our Client Portal users have reached over 140,000, 25,000 more than 2020. 360’s Client Portal increases the chance of repeat businesses by 24%, as advisers have access to information and files that their client shares securely within minutes, meaning no more waiting around for documents to progress an application.

Advances in the sector, as well as the seismic impact of the pandemic, has changed our world. For any firm, large or small, 360 Dotnet is mission critical to many businesses processes and has kept ahead with industry changes so advisers can service their clients quicker and more efficiently. As 360 Dotnet continues to expand its integrations and tools along with its growth we should expect the figures in 2022 to be even more groundbreaking.