360 Lifecycle for advisers

By 2 May 2023 No Comments

By Stephen Cowdell, Head of Intermediary Sales at 360 Dotnet

360 Lifecycle is a comprehensive mortgage software solution that provides financial intermediaries with everything they need to manage their business effectively. It streamlines the mortgage process, making it easier for advisers to work with clients and manage their cases. 

The software provides a central hub for all cases, allowing advisers to manage their customers from their initial enquiry through to completion. This enables advisers to provide their clients with a more efficient service, reducing the time it takes to process applications and improving overall customer experience. 

360 Lifecycle provides a complete overview of all cases, making it easy to keep track of the progress of each application. Advisers can quickly see the status of each case, the next steps, and any potential issues that need to be addressed. 

The system enables advisers to communicate with clients easily, keeping them informed throughout the application process. Automated emails and SMS updates can be sent to clients at various stages of the application process, providing them with real-time updates and helping to build stronger client relationships. 

360 Lifecycle provides powerful reporting and analytics tools, allowing advisers to gain insight into the performance of their business. They can see key metrics such as case volumes, conversion rates, and revenue, enabling them to make informed decisions about their business strategy. 

In conclusion, 360 Lifecycle is a powerful tool for mortgage advisers that helps them to streamline their processes and provide a better service to clients. With its centralised hub for managing applications, real-time updates for clients, and powerful reporting tools, it is an essential tool for any financial intermediary looking to manage their business more efficiently.