2023 Mortgage Technology Provider of the Year: 360 Lifecycle

Winners write-up by MoneyAge

360 Lifecycle, the winner of the prestigious Mortgage Technology Provider of the Year award, has truly revolutionised the mortgage industry with its exceptional use of technology to simplify the process of mortgage applications.

The judges were impressed by the company’s significant increase in lending through its innovative platform, as well as the evidence of strong CRM enhancements.

An astounding 95% of clients reported the technology provided by 360 Lifecycle, 360 Lifecycle, is essential for running their businesses. By empowering advisers with advanced tools and continuously improving their platform, 360 Lifecycle has helped streamline daily activities, saving time, reducing costs, and boosting productivity. This dedication to technological growth has strengthened client relationships, with 93% of clients reporting improved connectivity with their customers. With over 186,000 Client Portal users and a remarkable 92% of clients feeling supported while using the system, 360 Lifecycle has set new records for excellence.

Their partnership with industry leader, the GBG group, has enabled effective electronic identity verification and anti-money laundering measures, ensuring advisers can identify fraudulent behaviour and prevent financial crimes.

Additionally, the integration of SOURCE and APPLY has further streamlined the FactFind process, allowing advisers to submit mortgage applications to multiple lenders from a single platform, eliminating the need for manual data entry and facilitating product suitability assessments. With an impressive 27% increase in FactFind creations in 2022 compared to the previous year, 360 Lifecycle’s success is evident.

Looking ahead, they are poised to introduce the UK’s first entirely configurable web based FactFind, offering enhanced accessibility and security. This groundbreaking development will enable advisers to tailor the sales journey to their clients’ needs by modifying fields, questions, colours, and layouts.

360 Lifecycle has firmly established itself as a true industry leader in the field of mortgage technology. Their exceptional achievements and innovative solutions have set them apart, making them a highly deserving recipient of the prestigious Mortgage Technology Provider of the Year award. Among fierce competition, their entry stood head and shoulders above the rest in this esteemed award category. Congratulations to 360 Lifecycle for this well-deserved recognition of their outstanding contributions to the mortgage industry.

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