360 Lifecycle and HLPartnership unveil dynamic technology renewal

In an exciting and strategic move that promises to reshape the landscape of mortgage technology, 360 Lifecycle, a multi-award winning FinTech platform used by over 6,000 advisers, is thrilled to announce the renewal of its longstanding partnership with HLPartnership.

As one of the fastest-growing independent networks for mortgage and protection advisers, HLPartnership has over 940 expert advisers.

HLPartnership, renowned for its commitment to excellence in the sector, is set to continue its technological capabilities with 360 Lifecycle’s platform, 360 Lifecycle. This partnership not only grants HLPartnership access to a world of possibilities offering innovative features that include 360’s Client Portal, workflows, MI and reporting, event triggers, and accounts modules. Advisers within the HLPartnership network can seamlessly access integration partners for sourcing mortgage, life and general insurance products, through 360 Lifecycle. The platform integrates into HLPartnership’s proprietary systems offering unrivalled flexibility for firms.

360 Lifecycle and HLPartnership extends beyond a conventional partnership. They share a vision to offer the best experience in the market. Both firms are dedicated to empowering mortgage advisers to make their processes as smooth and effective as possible through great technology.

Ozgur Unlu, CEO of 360 Lifecycle said: 360 Lifecycle remains committed to a close partnership with HLPartnership and we are enthusiastic about reaffirming the strength of our relationship. Our dedication is focused on empowering HLPartnership to maximise the value of their client relationships through our system. We eagerly anticipate enhancing this partnership for continued growth.”

David Smith, Commercial Director at 360 Lifecycle said: “HLPartnership have been a partner for almost a decade and have seen significant growth in their advice business. We are delighted that their team have committed to extend our relationship even further. Both teams are focused on delivering the best experience any mortgage advice firm could wish for.”

Christopher Tanner, CEO of HLPartnership said: “At HLPartnership, we are deeply committed to transforming the way our members and their clients interact with our services by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Our investment in the development of HLP’s integrated technology platform stands as a testament to this commitment. We are pleased to renew our strategic partnership with 360 Lifecycle, building on our collaboration from over 8 years ago on from the design of their original online FactFind.”

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