360 Lifecycle and UnderwriteMe’s Protection Platform launch breakthrough integration

360 Lifecycle, the FinTech CRM platform for the UK intermediary market, and UnderwriteMe have announced a new partnership. Advancing further in simplifying the process for advisers’ protection sales, the integration of UnderwriteMe’s Protection Platform combines the power of both platforms, marking a significant step forward for protection sales.

Over 6,000 users leverage 360 Lifecycle, writing over £50 billion in mortgage lending and processing 180,000 cases per annum via the platform. In 2022, potentially 80,000 of these mortgages had no protection sold alongside them, highlighting the risk for 80,000 individuals that may have no cover or be under insured.

Advisers using UnderwriteMe’s Protection Platform can now seamlessly transfer client data, underwriting decisions, and both standard and underwritten premiums through to 360 Lifecycle in a matter of seconds. The integration’s navigation has been designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making the process clear and simple for advisers to use and customers to understand enabling better outcomes for both. There are no additional costs involved to 360 Lifecycle users and the Protection Platform is provided free of charge.

The Protection Platform seamlessly integrates fully underwritten quote information with product details, securely storing it within 360 Lifecycle’s client record. This empowers advisers to discuss options with clients and proceed to initiate a policy, all within a unified and uninterrupted workflow.

Ozgur Unlu, CEO of 360 Lifecycle said: “Advisers must balance budget constraints with underwriting considerations when giving advice which poses significant challenges. Complications arise due to the unpredictable timelines associated with acquiring medical reports required for underwriting assessments, which can vary among different insurers.

Introducing this groundbreaking integration has created the capability to assess fully underwritten pricing against any lending the client is considering. The transition from the initial client consultation to policy issuance has arguably become the fastest process available within the market.

With the incorporation of Consumer Duty regulations, this integration provides advisers with an additional valuable resource. We are pleased to have another significant integration partner on board and make these enhancements available to advisers using both platforms.”

Mark Cracknell, Commercial Director at UnderwriteMe said: “We are delighted to announce UnderwriteMe’s integration with 360 Lifecycle – this creates a unique proposition by providing the ability to obtain fully underwritten premiums quickly and seamlessly alongside mortgage advice.

I look forward to working with both existing and new intermediary partners to demonstrate the value of this partnership.”

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