Alexander Hall adopts 360 Lifecycle’s AML and eIDV

The award-winning FinTech software and one of the top mortgage brokers in the UK, have launched electronic identity data verification (eIDV) and anti-money laundering (AML) into their sales process.


360 Lifecycle have been the FinTech software partner of choice for Alexander Hall since 2019 and are proud to support the growing prestigious financial services business.

This new module will give their mortgage advisers the ability to record and electronically identify clients immediately by sending them a unique link over mobile messaging, enabling clients to verify themselves and AML requirements. The means advisers benefit from full audit histories and can both confirm and check a client’s address together with investigating any PEP’s and sanction hits. This can be done in one easy mobile solution and findings can be recorded alongside the client record within their FactFind.

The process identifies fraudulent behavioural patterns and can recognise new financial crimes before they impact businesses.

Ozgur Unlu, CEO of 360 Lifecycle said: “We are extremely excited that Alexander Hall have become an early adopter for our eIDV and AML module, 360 Lifecycle is an intrinsic part of their business, and we are pleased to support them even further. We will continue to work closely with them to ensure they gain the maximum benefits from our system.”

Thomas Davies, Managing Director at Alexander Hall, said: “360’s eIDV and AML software will be very beneficial to our businesses and will help both our advisers and clients through the initial onboarding experience. Our advisers will be able to easily identity their clients with maximum security in place, removing the worry of fraudulent behaviour. This is a big enhancement, and it will make our daily activities quicker and easier, we are looking forward to seeing how this will impact our business for the good.”

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