360 Lifecycle

Client management for financial advisers

Our Client Portal offers you and your clients a digital financial portfolio, providing an easily accessible space where documents and correspondence can be exchanged, securely viewed, stored and maintained.

Why use 360 Lifecycle's Client Portal?

As long as you have a mobile, tablet or computer our Client Portal is accessible anywhere around the globe and gives you the ability to create personalised actions so documents and tasks can be exchanged between the adviser and client.

We employ the same strength of security used by online retailers and banking institutions; both advisers and clients can rest assured that sensitive documents and information is stored securely.

What are the key features of our Client Portal?

Using our Client Portal makes it easy to keep engaged with your clients as you can contact them from any internet enabled device. 360’s Client Portal removes barriers to ensure that your clients are up-to-date.

As an adviser, you will have access to the information and files that your client’s share securely within minutes, meaning no more waiting around for documents to progress an application.

Award winning CRM system​

We love our client’s inspiring stories

We love our client’s inspiring stories

We love our client’s inspiring stories

Frequently asked questions

The system is available for financial advice firms of any size, large or small. It can be used by support and admin staff, principle, sales managers, call centres and introducers.

360 Lifecycle utilises Microsoft’s Cloud Based Platform, Azure. Microsoft has an obligation to protect 360’s data, security and privacy. Therefore, keeping your data safe. Data is not restricted by the size of your computer and can be accessed by you from anywhere in the world.

We offer initial training, manuals and videos alongside ongoing technical support. Our Support Team are just a call or email away and are available Monday to Friday from 9am until 5:30pm.

We integrate with market leading mortgage sourcing platforms, a market leader for protection and general insurance solutions.

A few little extras

Other 360 Lifecycle features

A full end to end client facing FactFind solution for advisers.

Manage clients, appointments and create new opportunities.

Real time reporting, marketing capabilities and a workflow system.

Our portal allows advisers and clients to interact securely.

Easily administer commissions and organise payments.

Empowering financial advice journeys

with 360 Lifecycle